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Why You Should Consider Professional Kitchen Tile and Grout Cleaning

Tile and grout cleaning is often associated with bathrooms but your kitchen tiles and grout are just as important. With food and grease spills getting easily trapped within kitchen grout your kitchen can start to look shabby and dull very quickly and it is difficult to get this ground in dirt out without professional equipment.

Keep your kitchen looking its best and keep your tiles and grout sparkling with a professional cleaning service. Trying to get the dirt out yourself can be a challenge and the use of abrasive cleaning methods and harsh chemicals can even cause damage to tiles and grout. If left, the soaked in food spills can lead to bacteria and mould growth. Kept clean, your tiles and grout can last longer and even help reduce the risk of water leakage and mould in your kitchen.

Tile and grout cleaning doesn’t have to be a complicated process. With our kitchen tile and grout cleaning service you can be sure of the best possible results with the least amount of hassle. We will clean your tile and grout using specialised equipment and products that are designed not to cause damage while getting the deeply absorbed dirt and grease out.

If you want to protect your grout and tiles for the future we can apply a sealant to them which will provide protection against dirt and moisture as well as inhibiting the growth of mould. Call us today to find out more about our kitchen tile and grout cleaning service or to arrange a consultation.

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Where is The Leak in My Bathroom Coming From?

If you have a leak in your bathroom it can be difficult to know where it is coming from. The shower is often the most obvious culprit but there are other sources. Water damage can be difficult to detect until it’s too late and if left long enough a leak in the bathroom can cause damage to nearby areas or go through to the ceiling to the room underneath in a multiple storey dwelling. Here are a few ways you can help determine whether or not your shower is to blame for that damp patch on the ceiling.

How to test for a leaking shower

There are a few steps you can take to check whether your shower is leaking.

  1. Place a shower plug in the bottom of your water so nothing can escape down the drain
  2. Fill up the shower pan with water obtained from somewhere other than the shower. You can use a bucket or a hose attached to a tap somewhere else in the house.
  3. Monitor the shower base and the area below and see if there is any sign of water leakage.

While you are checking your shower you can also check the seals on the shower screens by pointing the shower head or hose at the joins and looking for leaks.

If it’s not the shower what could it be?

There are a number of other possible sources of water leakage in the bathroom including the bath, the drains and the pipes or taps. If you are struggling to identify the source of a bathroom leak, our water detection service can help you. We can also help with sealing your bathroom tiles and shower to prevent further leaks in the future.

Water leaks in any area of your home should be quickly attended to in order to protect your investment. Constant damp doesn’t just encourage mould; it can cause damage to your home’s structure and even attract termites. And that can be a much more costly matter than arranging for a leak to be found and repaired!

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The Benefits of Professional Grout and Tile Cleaning

How clean are your bathroom tiles and grout? Even with the most careful cleaning habits, tiles and grout have a tendency to look dirty and discoloured after a certain amount of time. Tired looking grout can affect the appearance of your bathroom and cracked and damaged tiles and grout can also leave you more prone to suffering from leaks. If you want your tiles and grout to be sparkling clean it is a good idea to get a professional clean periodically.

Professional tile and grout cleaning can reach the dirt that normal cleaning generally can’t get out. The porous nature of tiles and grout mean that dirt and water are absorbed into them which can lead to mould and discolouration. Without professional help it is very difficult to get this soaked in dirt and grime out and your bathroom may end up looking dull and dirty no matter how much time you spend cleaning it.

If you are trying to rent or sell your house, clean tiles and grout can make a big difference to its visual appeal. People often pay significant attention to bathrooms when they are viewing properties and giving your tiles and grout a bit of a lift with a professional clean can help keep your bathroom looking its most attractive and clean.

Is your bathroom looking a little dated? You might be surprised what a difference a thorough clean makes. Keep your bathroom looking its best, or give new life to grubby tiles by arranging a professional grout and tile clean. Call us today to speak to one of our consultants.

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