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Shower sealing without removing tiles

Many people believe that the only way to fix a leaky shower is to remove the tiles and undergo a lengthy and expensive re-membraning process. Although this can be effective, particularly for serious leaks, it often isn’t necessary. If you don’t want to go through the inconvenience of major renovations in your bathroom, shower sealing can be a quick and effective alternative – and it doesn’t involve removing tiles.

The shower sealing process is very straightforward and can be completed within a few hours. Before the process takes place, a technician will perform an assessment and check for water concealed behind tiles. As preparation you will be required to keep your shower clean and dry for 24 hours beforehand.

During the process the existing grout and sealant will be removed and the tiles will be regrouted where the shower screen meets the walls and around the hob and angles of the walls. The tiles will then be cleaned and sealant applied over the tiles. Once the sealing process is complete, you will need to wait 24 hours before using your shower again. The shower sealant is absorbed through the tiles and grout for a depth of up to 9mm and provides an effective water tight seal against leaks. Shower sealing can last for years and is a much more cost effective alternative to full bathroom membraning.

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Options to fix a shower leak

If you have a leaking shower or you suspect you might have one it’s important to address the problem sooner rather than later. If left to continue, a leaking shower can cause extensive water damage to your home and could lead to long term problems and costly repair bills. When you are looking to have a leaky shower repaired you have a few options available to you.

Full bathroom waterproofing

Full waterproofing is the most extensive form of bathroom waterproofing you can undertake. It means having your bathroom out of action for a number of days while tiles are removed and the polyurethane membrane underneath is replaced. Although it is time consuming and expensive, full bathroom waterproofing is sometimes the most effective way to deal with major leaks and issues. Some bathroom and shower companies recommend full bathroom waterproofing for every leak but it is not always necessary. Often there is another less expensive solution which can fix the problem with less hassle.

The DIY option

There are a number of do it yourself shower sealing kits available which promise great results at a low price. DIY shower sealing kits can have a number of pitfalls and they can be difficult to use as well as ineffective over the long term. If the leak is not fixed properly it can lead to further damage and more expensive repair costs so if you choose this option it is important to be extremely careful.

Shower sealing services

This is often the best solution to a leaky shower. Less disruptive than a full bathroom renovation or waterproofing and more effective and long lasting than trying to do it yourself, a shower sealant is applied to your shower walls and joins to make them watertight. This process only takes a day, does not involve removing tiles and can give you a leak free shower for years.

Whatever option you choose it is important to make sure the problem is adequately fixed as quickly as possible. Don’t let a leaky shower lead to a bigger problem; seek professional help if necessary and you could save yourself time and money in the future.

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Leaky shower repairs for investment properties

Shower leaks can cause additional problems for investment property owners. Having to leave a property untenanted while a bathroom renovation is completed can mean a loss of rental income not to mention the expense of doing the work. If there are tenants in the property, delaying shower repairs can lead to further damage and could affect the appearance and rental value of your property.

We have a solution designed to have your leaky shower fixed and your bathroom water tight and ready to use within 24 hours. With minimal disruption to tenants and less expense than retiling and membraning your shower, using our shower sealing system can save you time and money and alleviate the risk of developing expensive, long term maintenance problems.

We offer a 25 year warranty on our shower sealing products, so you can enjoy the reassurance of knowing that the shower in your investment property should be leak free well into the future. Our products are effective and our technicians are experienced and can offer you a fully comprehensive shower sealing service for your investment property.

Protect your investment property from water damage in the future by using an effective shower sealing service on your leaking shower. Call us today to find out more about our leaky shower sealing service for your investment property.

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